Your Imagination, Our Workmanship

Your Imagination, Our Workmanship


Why Engage Us?

The ultimate in decorative flooring provides limitless design and flexibility for your internal concrete floors. In fact, epoxy flooring can be applied to domestic and commercial surfaces to create your own unique look. Our polymer flooring solution provides a hardwearing, seamless finish that is strong and durable.

We offer a wide range of solid colors or flaked stone and marble effects to transform your concrete. Create a floor to suit your every need from that cutting edge feature floor to unique treatments for kitchens, entertainment areas, laundries, rumpus rooms, and garage floors.

 A fast, affordable and effective way to add value and appeal to your home.

What Choose Epoxy Flooring

The main reasons to choose epoxy flooring over traditional concrete sealers are durability, the ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, dust proofing, hygiene, moisture blocking, and appearance.

In many warehouses, quality control depends on strict standards of cleanliness. Concrete dust can make meeting these standards almost impossible. Concrete dust is considered to be very harmful to health. Your existing floors can be repaired and then coated using premium industrial grade 2 pack epoxy floor coatings to dust and oil proof the floor, making any cleanup a breath.


SMRT Bishan Depot Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring:

  • Durability

    Concrete floors coated in epoxy last longer and resist considerable wear, thus saving you money and allowing you to manage other business concerns.

  • Low maintenance cleaning

    Once the concrete has the epoxy coating, it is no longer porous since sealed and is, therefore, easier to clean.

  • Safety

    These coatings are also resistant to slippage, temperature, extreme impact, and even fire, maintaining both the safety of your employees and your building.

  • Lowers vehicle maintenance

    Choosing an epoxy coating can also reduce wear on vehicles in your facility because it is more forgiving on machinery.

  • Helps the environment

    epoxy coatings are a green option for your business because of the reduction in material usage

When Do We Start?

After you contact us, we will assign a trained Client Engagement Specialist who will visit you onsite. After a short discussion, they will provide you a non-obligatory quotation with various options on how to solve the issue you are facing. If you have any further queries after receiving the quotation, our Specialist is more than happy to come down and thoroughly walk through the process and explain the systems proposed in detail. We believe that to deliver the best, we have to ensure the process is clear and the requirements are met. We look forward to making your vision a reality.




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