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Be it External or Internal Painting works, we have a variety of systems & coatings. We are the approved applicator for ICI, SKK, Nippon, Jotun & Other Major Paint Suppliers. Whether you want to refurbish your external facade or your entire interior, we have the painting system for the job.

Types of Painting Works

  • External Painting (SS345, SS500, etc)
  • Internal Painting (SS150, Odorless, Easy Wash, etc)
  • Texture Coating (Lenaluk, Eleganstone, Rockstone, Sipokaken, etc)
  • Nippon Momento
  • Special Effects Coating (Stucco, Troweling Effects, Murals, etc)

System of Application for External Painting

  • Area to be washed using 1500psi high pressure water jet.
  • Area to be cleaned and free of dust, grease and peeling paint.
  • All Windows and other Fixtures to be protected.
  • Patch up cracks and holes with approved acrylic filler.
  • Apply One coat of External Sealer.
  • Apply Two coats of External Paint.

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